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Ethicana: Anti-Corruption Education and Training Global ACET Project

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The devastating effects that fraud, bribery and corruption in engineering and construction have had worldwide inspired the creation of "Ethicana."

The film is the centerpiece production of the Anti-Corruption Education and Training Initiative, a consortium of 12 cooperating agencies including the American Society of Civil Engineers. ACET is a collaborative effort led by a global team of educators, engineering professionals and communicators.

Why "Ethicana" and why now?

  • Corruption in the construction and engineering industries robs communities of the funds to build schools, hospitals, roads, water projects, and other vital infrastructure.
  • Corruption promotes violence and costs lives.
  • Corruption is a huge economic burden, estimated to approach $500 billion annually worldwide.

Subtitled in 28 languages and accompanied by a comprehensive set of training materials, "Ethicana" is intended for corporate training and university teaching.

Collaborating Partners:
American Institute of Chemical Engineers
American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers
American Society of Civil Engineers
Society of Mechanical Engineers
Asian Development Bank
Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
International Federation of Consulting Engineers
Institution of Civil Engineers, UK
Transparency International
World Bank
World Federation of Engineering Organizations
World Justice Project